Depression Diagnostic Clinic

Welcome to the KAYA HEALTH Depression Diagnostic Clinic.

Depression can have many causes – physical, mental, emotional. We believe it is essential to rule out the possibility of any physical or physiological causes of depression in order to provide the most appropriate treatment.

We are committed to get to the root cause of a patient’s symptoms through comprehensive bloodwork and a deep dive into psychosocial factors, which allow us to develop targeted therapy for each patient’s depression.

Because insurance will often refuse to cover labs looking into the causes of depression, we have made this as affordable as possible. And, the blood work is the ONLY thing that patients will pay for at the KAYA HEALTH Depression Diagnostic Clinic.

Patients pay a flat rate of $475 for a comprehensive set of bloodwork that would otherwise cost over $5,000 at other local offices. These labs cover a wide range of biological conditions that can cause depressive symptoms.

We do everything in two visits.

1st visit: Schedule your first visit online. When arriving at our office, you will complete an in-depth questionnaire that addresses social history for possible depressive sources; get an extensive panel of blood work; and schedule a follow up appointment.

2nd visit: We review your blood work and questionnaire and schedule you with a local counselor chosen specifically based on your needs.

Each patient will leave their second visit with a set of recommendations for treatment that which can be given to their PCP for management, or can transition their care to KAYA HEALTH and we will take care of all their medical needs.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of depression, please follow the link below to schedule an appointment for a health screening, which includes blood tests. We will then schedule a follow up appointment to discuss the results of your testing and to determine your next steps.