Pause in Enrollment for Primary Care….BHRT clinic open!


A pause in enrollment with all KAYA HEALTH providers FOR PRIMARY CARE ONLY is in effect at this time. Dr. Andrew Anderson and Dianne White, NP-C, have reached the limit of the number of patient-members they can serve, and their wait lists are currently full.

Sierra Sanford, FNPBC has joined our provider team and has already developed a significant primary care patient panel. In order to provide the highest quality care, we are placing a temporary pause on adding new primary care patients. We estimate this hold will be approximately five months.

Please call our office at (434) 214-0722 option 1 if you would like to be placed on a wait list for Sierra’s primary care practice.


If you would like to join Sierra’s Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) Clinic ONLY, please click below to be re-directed

Subscription Pricing:


  • $90/month
  • $80 one-time registration fee


  • $155/month
  • $160 one-time registration fee


  • $195/month up to 5
  • Children under 21 only
  • $15 per additional child
  • $160 one-time registration fee

When You Join Our Practice:

  • The registration fee will be charged at sign-up. $80/individual or $160/couple or family.
  • The pro-rated fee for the first month will be charged upon registration (Based on the time from signup to your selected payment date.)
  • To sign up as a couple or family, enter information for yourself, then “add another person” until everyone’s information has been entered.
  • If you need to finish your registration later, return to this page to pick up where you left off.
  • We don’t use Facebook Messenger to contact patients.
  • We don’t need your Twitter information.