Insurance Questions

“Date of Birth, Insurance and ID, please”

That’s the greeting most patients receive when they arrive for their appointment at their doctor’s office. Oh, then there’s the payment of the co-pay before the patient is directed to the waiting room where they will sit until called into the inner sanctum of the office by a nurse or technician.

Does your doctor’s waiting room have a sign that instructs patients to tell the receptionist if they have been waiting for more than 30 minutes? That’s because they expect that you will wait about 30 minutes from when you check in until you are called for your appointment.

KAYA HEALTH only schedules one patient at a time so there is no waiting and so that patients are not exposed to other patients who may be ill while at his office. 

We know our patients so there’s no need to look them up in a database by their date of birth or ID. And, because the practice is a subscription-based model, there’s no insurance and no co-pays.