What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is independent primary medicine — what used to be referred to as a “Private Practice”. Dr. Anderson’s practice is an independent small business and is dedicated to providing unfettered care to his patients.

Small is Good

Because he’s faithful to the objectives of primary medical care, Dr. Anderson has consciously put limits on the number of patients he will accept so that he has the time to spend with his patients to get to know them and their overall concerns. Dr. Anderson spends an average of 37 minutes with his patients during an appointment, which is more than 4 times the average 9 minutes a patient. 

What does it mean to have direct access?

  • Patients always see their own provider when they have an appointment with the practice.
  • Patients’ questions are answered directly by their provider.
  • Patients can call, text or email their provider personally – and they receive a personal response.
  • There is a small staff to assist with scheduling and nursing – and patients have direct access to that staff as well.

Why Direct Primary Care? It’s Personal.

Dr. Anderson, Board Certified in Family Medicine, practiced for several years in a large medical practice and found himself in the uncomfortable position of feeling as though he was unable to give his patients the kind of care they deserved. With thousands of patients to care for, and dozens of medical and administrative staff, he wasn’t able to spend enough time with his patients to get to know them, and he was spending entirely too much time on paperwork and answering to insurance companies and management.

Having spent 10 years training to be a primary care doctor, Dr. Anderson learned quickly that churning through dozens of patients a day was not the kind of medicine he wanted to practice. He wanted to care for patients by getting to know them and their overall concerns but truly only had time to address the immediate concerns – the illness or injury that brought the patient into the office that day.

Dr. Anderson yearned for a connection with his patients that would be ongoing so that he could provide a better experience for his patients for their overall health and wellbeing. He wanted to be available, responsive and interactive with his patients – and he wanted his patients to have direct access to him rather than go through several levels of staff before reaching him, if they could reach him at all.

In 2018, Dr. Anderson opened his independent practice so that he could offer an alternative to the status quo. His patients have direct access to him for their care and he has the time to get to know his patients and their overall health. 

The subscription wellness model has been so well received that Dr. Anderson added a second provider, Dianne White, in 2021 and Alice Rochow in 2022 to meet the demand. Sierra Sanford joined our practice in 2023. While Dr. Anderson’s and Dianne White’s patient panels are full, new patients are able to join a waitlist for Sierra’s practice.

Over 80% of medical care is with a primary care physician – shouldn’t that be the best medical relationship you have? How do you feel about your experiences with your doctor’s office?