Join the club of patients who have taken control of their wellness by subscribing to Direct Primary Care.

Enroll family members age 12 and older in Sierra’s primary care practice NOW. Sierra will also see bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) patients beginning in September 2023.

Scroll down for the details and some helpful hints.

Monthly Subscription

Our Direct Primary Care practice limits the number of patient-members we accept to 1/5 the size of the average family physician to ensure patients have easy, direct access and the highest quality care.

Welcome Sierra Sanford, FNP-BC to our practice! If you would like to learn more about Sierra’s background and practice focus, please click here.

Alice Rochow, PA-C is currently on maternity leave. She will be accepting pediatric and adult patients upon her return in October 2023. If you would like to join Alice’s practice, or have pediatric patients under 12, please call the office to be put on her wait list.

Dr. Andrew Anderson and Dianne White, NPC have reached the limit of the number of patient-members they can serve, and their wait list is currently full.


  • $90/month
  • $80 one-time Registration Fee


  • $155/month
  • $160 one-time Registration Fee


  • $195/month up to 5 people
  • Children must be under 21
  • $15/additional child
  • $160 one-time Registration Fee

When You Join Our Practice

  • The registration fee will be charged at sign-up. $80/individual or $160/couple or family.
  • The pro-rated fee for the first month will be charged upon registration (Based on the time from signup to your selected payment date.)
  • To sign up as a couple or family, enter information for yourself, then “add another person” until everyones information has been entered.
  • If you need to finish your registration later, return to this page to pick up where you left off.
  • We don’t use Facebook Messenger to contact patients.
  • We don’t need your Twitter information.


  • When joining Sierra’s practice, please note there are two selections located under the Branch location dropdown menu:
    • BHRT clinic “hormone ONLY fee-for-service” /OR/
    • Direct Primary Care “KAYA HEALTH”.
  • Please take care to select the appropriate enrollment form based upon your needs.
  • Please note that in a “hormone-only” BHRT enrollment, there is NO monthly subscription charge. You will be assessed a $80 registration fee upon enrollment. Please disregard the section requesting selection of “monthly subscription” in your online enrollment if you are enrolling in the BHRT clinic.